PolyAll 2000


PolyAll 2000 is one of the most versatile home and industrial chemical products in the high tech arsenal of modern fillers and epoxies. The diversity of PolyAll 2000 and its ability to be modified endlessly by the addition of dry fillers and reinforcements lends itself to restoration work of all kinds. Like epoxy it is a two part product but unlike epoxy, PolyAll 2000 has the initial consistency of water. This enables it to soak into any porous surface, be poured into a complex mold, or flow between two broken parts that have to be bonded but cannot be separated.

PolyAll 2000 has another great advantage over any other similar filler or epoxy. It will set within three minutes after the two parts are mixed together. This means that its application will be speeded up many times over other products such as fiberglass resins and standard fillers. As a matter of fact multiple coats can be applied within the space of an hour and it can be sanded and painted within five minutes of being mixed or when it is cool to the touch.

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