LiquiTech Finish First


Finish First meets today’s tough standards for automotive paint/finish care by using advanced technology based on synthetic polymers, similar to the synthetic paint on your vehicle. This high tech formula contains no wax, silicone, or Teflon. Finish First used synthetic emulsifier cleaning agents to dissolve tar, road film, dirt and organic contaminants embedded in old swirl marks making them disappear! Finish First is unique to organic waxes because of its synthetic formula. Finish First actually works better when you let it dry on your vehicle before removal for a minimum of 15 minutes to 2 hours. The drying time actually forms the coating that fills in swirl and scratch marks in your paint surface. For ultimate results, increase your drying time to overnight while your behicle is in a protected area, such as a carport or garage. It could dry a month on the surface and still wipe off easily. No hard work here.

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